Building A World Class Experience

Zipline Australia is committed to ensuring that Mt Coot-tha is a must-do attraction offering something special for all visitors to Brisbane.


Ziplines & Ecotourism

In the early 1970’s, an adventurous and passionate post doctorate Biology Graduate from UCLA by the name of Donald Perry went to Costa Rica, stood on the jungle floor, and dreamed about how he might study life high up in the rainforest canopy. A rainforest canopy that held the most complex living communities on the planet. An area that was less well known than the depths of the oceans. An area that he believed might contain many millions more species of plants and animals than even the most optimistic scientists had ever estimated.

Donald Perry’s challenge was to figure out a low impact way to traverse the forest canopies of Costa Rica and study the plant and wildlife. His solution, was an aerial cable way that borrowed from the disciplines of climbing, rope access and mountaineering. His aerial cable way allowed him to traverse in a horizontal plane up at the level of the canopy, some 100 feet above the jungle floor. The environmental footprint was extremely low. No clearing, no machinery, no permanent infrastructure.

Tourists and locals observed Donald Perry, who had become affectionately nick-named “hombre mano” (monkey man), high up in the canopy and desired to be able to share in the same kind of experience. The ability to access a unique natural perspective and experience the adventure of simulated flight. From these humble beginnings the modern zipline was born.


Building The Zipline Experience At Mt Coot-tha

After a lengthy 3-stage tender process, we are delighted to have been selected by the Brisbane City Council to deliver on the Lord Mayor’s vision for a zipline tourism experience for Mt Coot-tha. Our guiding vision through the tender and design process has been to deliver a signature ecotourism experience that reflects the unique opportunity that Mt Coot-tha offers. One that respects the site’s environmental values, cultural heritage and current users.

Zipline Australia has proposed three tours that have been designed to tell three separate stories:

The Story Of Brisbane’s Strengthening Reputation As Australia’s New World City

Told through the Scenic Zipline. Six parallel lines spanning 1.4km, departing adjacent to the existing Summit Lookout down to the Botanical Gardens. This tour will showcase stunning views of Moreton Bay, the City, and out to the Scenic Rim. The Scenic Zipline will offer visitors an ecotourism experience unmatched around the World.

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The Story Of Mt Coot-tha’s Flora & Fauna

Told through Australia's longest Treetop Canopy Tour. Small groups will traverse safely from treetop platform to treetop platform (called CloudStations) using zipline technology. As guests arrive on each of the CloudStation platforms, trained zipline guides will deliver an interpretive experience of the fauna and flora of the Mt Coot-tha precinct. Telling the stories of the eucalyptus forest and the incredible range of animals that call Mt Coot-tha home, including Cockatoos, Powerful Owls, Sugar Gliders and large Lace Monitors.

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The story of Mt Coot-tha’s indigenous Cultural Heritage

Told through the Skywalk Tour. Departing from the Zipline Arrival Centre, the tour includes over 300m of raised boardwalks, and the Southern Hemisphere’s longest suspended pedestrian bridge (at 349m in length and 53m above Slaughter Falls). This tour will showcase the Mt Coot-tha forest and provide an opportunity for guests to be engaged by Indigenous rangers who will share stories of the Indigenous history of the region.

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The Site

Zipline Australia is committed to preserving the ecology of the Mount Coot-tha area, and its status as the  green backdrop to the City of Brisbane. We understand its cultural, historical, botanical, environmental and lifestyle importance to locals. We also respect the Aboriginal heritage of Mount Coot-tha, which is well documented with descendants and Traditional Owners who are still alive today.


Our Project Pillars

(source: Economic and Social Impact Assessments - C Change Sustainable Solutions Pty Ltd)


For The Environmental Benefit Of The Precinct

  • Increased awareness and appreciation of the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

  • Promotion of the planetarium

  • Further restoration / preservation to the natural environment

  • Fauna monitoring programs

  • Increased awareness of flora and fauna through the tours 

  • Increasing attendance / awareness of Botanic Gardens and Mt Coot-tha area

For Positive Impact In The Community

  • Additional recreational attraction in the Brisbane City area

  • Additional excursion opportunity for schools

  • Retaining escape tourism within Brisbane City Council area

  • Further opportunities for indigenous employment and returned service veterans

  • Further training opportunities in the hospitality and tour guiding areas

  • Potential for apprenticeships / internships at the attraction and/or in constructing the attraction

  • Increasing awareness of indigenous history

  • Increasing attendance / awareness of botanic gardens and Mt Coot-tha area

  • Improvements to the safety of the area given transport infrastructure

  • Improved quality of life through increased physical activity

  • Improved self-esteem associated with employment opportunities

For The Economic Growth Of The Region

We will add value to the economy in multiple ways:

  • By providing a world class experience that is not available elsewhere, Brisbane will be able to capture tourism expenditure that currently leaks to other areas in SEQ (South East Queensland) and further afield

  • Economic value from people attending the attraction and spending in other areas of Mt Coot-tha and Brisbane as they increase their average length of stay

  • Employment opportunities – at the Zipline attraction and surrounding the development

  • Increased demand for tourist accommodation

  • Increased business activity in surrounding area

Plus direct economic impacts which are expected from three major sources:

  1. The construction of the Zipline facility resulting in construction and design spending over the construction period;

  2. Visitor spending at the Zipline facility;

  3. The wider visitor spending impact from new visitors to South-east Queensland attracted to the region by the Zipline, or existing visitors extending their stay to visit the facility. The wider direct visitor spending impact is estimated at $19.7 million per annum once the facility is fully matured.

This will produce further economic benefits in the economy. Total economic Impacts results from the CEGEM modelling show that when the Scenic Zipline Tour is fully operational the economic impacts are, in total:

  • $11.3 million per annum added to the GRP of SEQ

  • 37 new FTE jobs in SEQ, whilst also increasing real wages in SEQ by 0.009% per annum

When the Treetops Tour is fully operational the total economic impacts expected are:

  • $23.2 million per annum added to the GRP of SEQ

  • 75 new FTE jobs in SEQ, whilst also increasing real wages in SEQ by 0.018% per annum

Overall, this indicates that the operation of the facility is likely to produce:

  • $34.5 million per annum added to the GRP of SEQ

  • 112 new FTE jobs in SEQ, whilst also increasing real wages in SEQ by 0.0135% per annum