The nature opportunity in Brisbane

When we tendered for the Brisbane zipline project, we faced an international field of competitors. The feedback we received was that there were two features that made our submission stand out: our environmentally friendly approach, which fostered eco-tourism, and the creative design.

When we started Zipline Australia five years ago, we did so with the intention of developing opportunities in eco-tourism as a way of best using my brother Michael’s military background and engineering, my rigging and rope access skills, along with our combined passion for the great outdoors and experience in business, marketing and commerce.

Michael currently operates a successful zipline experience in Vanuatu. Built six years ago, the business is now billed as Vanuatu’s “most popular tourist attraction” and some have credited this with helping to boost the number of cruise ships at Port Vila from 30 to 40 in 2005 to more than 150 a year.

We truly believe there are significant opportunities to be found within eco-tourism, particularly in Queensland, which is already a world-famous holiday destination for the Great Barrier Reef, our beaches, rainforests and natural fauna and flora.

When people come to Queensland, they expect to be outside in nature, whether it be the beach or the bush, and this experience feeds that further – with a bit of speed for those who like a faster pace and a soothing treetop canopy tour for those in less of a hurry.

The Brisbane zipline project will further build Queensland’s reputation as an outdoors destination brimming with eco-tourism experiences. It will also attract and keep tourists in Brisbane for a longer period of time, contributing to the economic growth of our state and city.

Marketing the zipline project as eco-friendly is not a cynical branding tool; it is something we are passionate about. Making sure new projects built to attract tourists are sustainable and do conserve the beautiful natural environment we are surrounded by here in Brisbane is central to our ethos and this project is simply the next step in Queensland’s burgeoning eco-tourism industry.

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