The Skywalk Tour will be a great cultural addition to Brisbane, delivering an Indigenous cultural heritage experience. It will include 321m of boardwalks and a suspended pedestrian bridge.

At 349m long and 53m above Slaughter Falls, the suspended pedestrian bridge will be the longest in the Southern Hemisphere.

It will provide a key platform during the Skywalk Tour, allowing Indigenous guides to share stories of dreamtime paths, hunting activities and meeting points from an exhilarating perspective.


An experience that engages visitors to transport them back to the Dreamtime, and celebrates the original custodians of the land.


Zipline Australia will seek to help create a sustainable indigenous corporation to supply the interpretive cultural heritage experience via indigenous rangers sharing engaging stories with guests.


The Skywalk will be a spectacular and informative one-hour tour that incorporates the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Southern Hemisphere.


We have a commitment to promote the employment of indigenous people. This is a priority and a preference for this and all Zipline Australia tours.